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Fine Handmade Knives by John Horrigan, mastersmith
Maker of Fine damascus and premium steel cutlery

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About Elite Knives

John Horrigan at the forge making another Elite Knife

My name is John Horrigan 
and I would like to thank you for checking out my site.

I made my first knife in 1982 and have been making knives
ever since. As an avid outdoorsman and growing up on a farm in Maine, 
I have used knives all my life. 

I was a saw gunner with Alpha Company 3rd 75th Ranger Battalion. 
I've been in law enforcement for the last 21 years 
and I have also been firefighter with the
Austin, Texas Fire Department for 17 years. 

I am also a Master Smith member of the American Bladesmith Society. 
I build each knife entirely by hand in my shop. 
This site is to show the versatility and quality of my work.

I build both forged and stock removal knives and tomahawks
in the traditional way. 
My basic styles range from hunters and camp knives 
to military fighters and bowies. 
Each knife comes with a custom leather or Kydex sheath.
The knives shown in my
knife gallery are but a few of my standard designs.

I also forge my own damascus and mosaic damascus.
Each knife is tested for its cutting ability before it leaves my shop.

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